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Buchanan Street buskers

Posted by Jackie on June 27, 2008

This is another busking bagpiper I’ve seen quite a lot in Buchanan Street. As you can see from the all-black kilt, sporran and bag, his style isn’t as traditionally Scottish as some of the other buskers. I’d say his musical style is edgier as well – though still recognisably Scottish.

7 Responses to “Buchanan Street buskers”

  1. Well, it’s hard to imagine a mellow bagpiper. Still, whether on this side of the Atlantic or in Scotland, the pipers I’ve heard all play more or less the same stuff. It’s nice to know that someone is being adventurous. Could this guy go into John Coltrane mode? (The bagpipe is in about the same range as a tenor sax.) For a big enough tip, could he play selected favorites from The Sound of Music?

  2. Adam said

    I’m all for branching out a bit and experimenting with an established set of traditions. I think it’s a great way how things evolve and stay modern yet still have that flare from the generations before.

  3. Dianne said

    I’d love to come across street bagpipers! Here they are so intertwined with parades and funerals only.

  4. Katya said

    Ah, what a rrrrrrrenegade!!! heheehe I love pipes, no matter what. To me, they ALWAYS sound “Scottish”!!! I have attended a few Scottish Terrier events and they ALWAYS have a piper. And Haggis. (cannot quite get into that!) Oh, and many of the Scotties wear kilts!!! hehehe

  5. Piping is ‘developing’ rapidly! Have a look at Red Hot Chilli Pipers.

  6. Hannah said

    Ahh I love this guy, he’s been around for a few years. Wears a great pair of stomping boots too!

  7. Jackie said

    Yeah, I was disappointed I couldn’t fit the boots in the picture!

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