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Inside Glasgow Cathedral

Posted by Jackie on June 29, 2008

I found the inside of the Cathedral rather austere, but there’s no doubt it’s ever so impressive. The people give you an idea of the height and size of these enormous columns. Beyond the screen in the background of this picture is another part of the Cathedral with pews, which is where I presume services take place today. In this section were lots of information stands and a small shop, but mainly it was just open space which certainly gives a feeling being a small part of a vast universe.

4 Responses to “Inside Glasgow Cathedral”

  1. I vote for austerity – mind you that’s probably my calvanistic upbringing showing through.

    I’m just back from Italy where many of the churches are so gaudy they tend to repel rather than attract (buying your way into heaven??).

  2. marley said

    Cathedrals never cease to impress me. When you think about the effort that went into building them all those hundreds of years ago its pretty amazing. I don’t think we could do the same thing today.

  3. Lovely light and composition with a sense of quiet. What would this look like it fou converted it to black and white?

  4. Katya said

    Jackie, I kind of tend to agree with Bill’s austere view regarding churches, but this one is just awesome! I remember visiting St. Patrick’s in NYC while I was living there, and I just couldn’t believe the size! It boggles my mind that these structures were built with such elaborate ammenities…how on earth did they dream them up, let alone execute them.

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