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African graffiti

Posted by Jackie on July 16, 2008

Just over the road from the remains of Stirlingfauld Place is a railway bridge. Underneath the bridge is this interesting bit of graffiti which judging by the Live8 logo is a good 3 years old. It’s certainly been here all the time I’ve been in Glasgow.

5 Responses to “African graffiti”

  1. Kris said

    It looks like chalk, but surely that wouldn’t last five years?

  2. magiceye said

    in mumbai no graffiti lasts for more than a month at the most. It is overwritten sooner than later!

  3. It does look like chalk, but it’s probably just the surface that makes it look like that

  4. babooshka said

    It is strange how this grafitti has last this length of time. It gets whitewashed here unless it’s tucked aways down a back alley.

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