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Posted by Jackie on July 17, 2008

I first showed this bridge, lit up at night, for the 1st December 2007 “Bridges” theme day. I think that after the Squinty Bridge, this bridge at night is Glasgow’s next-most photographed bridge. I think it also doesn’t look too bad during the day (at least when the weather’s nice!).

7 Responses to “bridge”

  1. wayne said

    Is that a foot bridge? It’s certainly impressive.

  2. Beautiful. Have to say I like it most at night, but you’re right not bad during the day.

  3. I forget which film it was, but it appeared as a Moscow footbridge at least once!

    Good photo.

  4. deslilas said

    Yes it´s Moskow looking in a way !

  5. Katya said

    What a great perspective you captured! That is a beautiful bridge!
    Your photo really does ‘invite’ one to walk it to see what is on the other side!!!

    Oh, and lovely set against that blue sky!

  6. Marie said

    Does the Squinty bridge need glases?

  7. marley said

    It looks a bit like the Cliffton suspension bridge in Bristol, although that is white not red. A great photo. So you’ve got the blue sky at the moment! Send it back down here. Please!!!

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