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Scientologists on Buchanan Street

Posted by Jackie on July 19, 2008

Recently a group of Scientologists have had a very visible presence on Buchanan Street every Saturday, along with the Christian evangelists, busking bagpipers, Socialist Workers and assorted others vying for the attention of the massed hordes of shoppers. There was an interesting discussion on flickr about this group, about how they are offering stress tests, etc, but maybe have something more weird or creepy in mind. I guess there’s a balance to be struck between freedom of speech, yet being honest about your intentions – I’m not sure that ostensibly offering common-or-garden stress tests, which I bet 9 times out of 10 tell you you’re highly stressed but they have the very thing to help you, when they’re really trying to recruit to this weird movement. At least with the other groups on Buchanan Street they offer what is said on the tin.

I don’t know – maybe I’m being unfair. I just find the Scientology movement rather creepy, and am thoroughly unconvinced as to the value of anything L.Ron Hubbard has written.

9 Responses to “Scientologists on Buchanan Street”

  1. sally said

    You’re right – there’s no end to the ways people will delude themselves. here in Sydney we are in the grip of the cult of celebrity and mass hysteria as expressd through another cult with a few more adherents.
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  2. Ian said

    While I may politely disagree with my fellow Sydney-resident above 🙂 [and I love your blog BTW Sally — helps me to see Sydney in a different way], I do share the same thoughts about Scientology; we have a group at the local markets offering the same ‘tests’; and, like you, Jackie, I’m always thinking they will say, “Stressed off the radar…come and we can help.”

  3. magiceye said

    cults are the order of the day…
    the religious cults led by ‘godmen’ are the rage in mumbai now offering to destress all and sundry!

  4. Ex West Ender said

    Watch out Jackie -they don’t take kindly to criticism! I agree – they are creepy and their methods are very suspect. Yet another sect preying on the insecure and gullible by offering a quick fix for all their problems.

  5. babooshka said

    I have to I say agree again. I’m all for free speech,in the I may not agree with what you say etc about defending the right to say it, but they are a step to far. I mean they want Tom Cruise as there second in command so they really are a religious(?) sect to be a avoided.

  6. Jackie said

    Ooh hello Ian – fancy seeing you here! 😉

  7. wayne said

    As someone who once read Battlefield Earth to see if it was as bad as the movie, I am also unconvinced as to the value of anything L. Ron Hubbard has written.

    Having said that, I’ve never been offered a free strees/personality/gullibility test on the street down here in Tasmania, so the idea of it happening elsewhere intrigues me – from a distance!

  8. i have to say i agree with you wholeheartedly

  9. rosamundi said

    Their stress tests do indeed come back with “You’re so stressed you’re going to die, here pay us $$$$$ and we’ll make it all better.” plus once you’re on their mailing list (you have to give them your name & address to do the test), you never, ever get off it. Not even if you die.

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