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Mitchell Library

Posted by Jackie on July 22, 2008

The Mitchell Library has one of the largest book collections in Europe (over 1.3 million books – I had heard that it was the largest reference library in Europe, but I could be making that up). It was recently reopened after a major refurbishment, but we had a fright last year when, shortly after the reopening, the Indian restaurant next door was completely gutted by fire, putting the library in very real danger. Fortunately it wasn’t affected by the fire.

It was founded in 1877 from a bequest from the tobacco lord Stephen Mitchell, and the current building was built between 1906-11, with a couple of later extensions. The architect was William B. Whitie.

3 Responses to “Mitchell Library”

  1. Ian said

    Leaving aside its content, which is magnificent, another stunning building in Glasgow; it certainly has more than its share of amazing buildings.

  2. Katya said

    Wow, what an impressive building with quite some tales to tell! It certainly is a nice-loooking building! Excellent capture!

  3. “over 1.3 million books” – I wasn’t aware it had that many books in it. Wow.

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