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Charing Cross (6)

Posted by Jackie on July 28, 2008

The office (from yesterday) from the other side (taken from the footbridge). I suppose they’ve made the best of a less-than-ideal location!

I should be back from tomorrow to answer comments 🙂

4 Responses to “Charing Cross (6)”

  1. Ian said

    They have indeed; how very fascinating.

  2. I have a feeling, and I may well be totally wrong in this, that at one time the structure was supposed to be at the start of an elevated pedestrian walkway from Charing Cross to the southside of the river beyond Central Station.

  3. Lara said

    all you need is a brilliant architect!

  4. James said

    I think ‘An Honest Man’ is correct – I recall someone telling me just. However a common mistake of sixties and seventies town planning was that pedestrians would happily be divided from road traffic by climbing or descending to different levels. In reality, people (with their shopping bags, bicycles and prams) seem to prefer staying at the same level as road traffic provided there are good crossings and wide pavements.

    I have to say though, while this building is striking, it has a hideous façade. My skin crawls in particular at the way the colours of the man-made materials are fading !

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