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Glasgow: Scotland with Style

Posted by Jackie on July 30, 2008

Thanks to everyone who left comments while I was away – I’m glad you liked the pictures. I’ll get round to making return visits this week sometime! I got back to Glasgow last night, after a (very warm and sunny) weekend at a festival doon sooth. I’m missing blue skies already – the weather is rubbish!

One of Glasgow’s current mottos is “Glasgow: Scotland with Style”, which features on a lot of literature and ads and general PR. This picture was taken in George Square – sadly the backdrop with all that scaffolding isn’t very stylish!

One Response to “Glasgow: Scotland with Style”

  1. Lara said

    oh, well… scaffolding sometimes is needed to make things look better. although, if you know the Arcul de Triumf in Bucharest, they keep the scaffolding there for like a year now…

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