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Mitchell Library

Posted by Jackie on July 22, 2008

The Mitchell Library has one of the largest book collections in Europe (over 1.3 million books – I had heard that it was the largest reference library in Europe, but I could be making that up). It was recently reopened after a major refurbishment, but we had a fright last year when, shortly after the reopening, the Indian restaurant next door was completely gutted by fire, putting the library in very real danger. Fortunately it wasn’t affected by the fire.

It was founded in 1877 from a bequest from the tobacco lord Stephen Mitchell, and the current building was built between 1906-11, with a couple of later extensions. The architect was William B. Whitie.

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Yet another Cathedral in Glasgow

Posted by Jackie on July 21, 2008

This one (the third one of Glasgow’s Cathedrals that I have shown on this blog – I must get round to finding and snapping the fourth and final one!) is the Roman Catholic Cathedral of St Andrew, and is on Clyde Street on the banks of the River Clyde in the City Centre. It was built in 1816 and became the cathedral of the Archdiocese of Glasgow in 1884. Its official website is here.

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Evangelical Gospel Mission

Posted by Jackie on July 20, 2008

The Evangelical Gospel Mission is on Duke Street, leading up to the Cathedral. As you can see, as well as the various Bible verses in the window, it also features the fuller and original Glasgow motto “Lord, let Glasgow flourish through the preaching of thy word and praising thy name.”

You can find out more about the church on its website here. It appears to be rather exclusive in its outlook.

[PS Marley I haven’t forgotten about the prize! Check back in a day or so to see who I’ve bestowed it on in my bounty!]

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Scientologists on Buchanan Street

Posted by Jackie on July 19, 2008

Recently a group of Scientologists have had a very visible presence on Buchanan Street every Saturday, along with the Christian evangelists, busking bagpipers, Socialist Workers and assorted others vying for the attention of the massed hordes of shoppers. There was an interesting discussion on flickr about this group, about how they are offering stress tests, etc, but maybe have something more weird or creepy in mind. I guess there’s a balance to be struck between freedom of speech, yet being honest about your intentions – I’m not sure that ostensibly offering common-or-garden stress tests, which I bet 9 times out of 10 tell you you’re highly stressed but they have the very thing to help you, when they’re really trying to recruit to this weird movement. At least with the other groups on Buchanan Street they offer what is said on the tin.

I don’t know – maybe I’m being unfair. I just find the Scientology movement rather creepy, and am thoroughly unconvinced as to the value of anything L.Ron Hubbard has written.

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Regular visitor

Posted by Jackie on July 18, 2008

A sight well-known to students at Glasgow University, this cat is a regular fixture around the place. For my first two years he always hung around the Adam Smith Building (where my office is), but I didn’t see him much over the last year – I think the cleaners complained as people kept letting him in, and so I guess he must have gone in search of more welcoming places after they clamped down on him in the ASB. But I saw him again outside the Adam Smith Building last week, so took the chance to take a picture. I’m not really a cat person, but I do really like this one, he’s really quite the personality!

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Posted by Jackie on July 17, 2008

I first showed this bridge, lit up at night, for the 1st December 2007 “Bridges” theme day. I think that after the Squinty Bridge, this bridge at night is Glasgow’s next-most photographed bridge. I think it also doesn’t look too bad during the day (at least when the weather’s nice!).

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African graffiti

Posted by Jackie on July 16, 2008

Just over the road from the remains of Stirlingfauld Place is a railway bridge. Underneath the bridge is this interesting bit of graffiti which judging by the Live8 logo is a good 3 years old. It’s certainly been here all the time I’ve been in Glasgow.

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Room with a View

Posted by Jackie on July 15, 2008

Yesterday on Ramsey Daily Photo, Babooshka showed an armchair which had been abandoned in a nature reserve. Being a much bigger city than Ramsey, the Glasgow version is in a bit more of a gritty location! Quite how they got it onto the top of this West End bus shelter is anyone’s guess – presumably out of a higher window?

[As an aside, you can see the fish, bell etc of the Glasgow coat of arms on the bus stop]

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Posted by Jackie on July 14, 2008

This was taken on the same day as yesterday’s picture – this bit of the river was so calm it was like a millpond! This bridge is now abandoned, but is well worth a closer look – they don’t make them like this any more.

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Clyde Reflection

Posted by Jackie on July 13, 2008

If it wasn’t for the hideous concrete architecture this could almost be a pleasant village scene! The tower block is Norfolk Court (see leaning tower a couple of days ago) and the building by the bridge is Glasgow Sheriff Court.

It’s not often that I’ve seen reflections like this in the Clyde – usually it’s far too choppy!

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