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Glasgow’s other Cathedral

Posted by Jackie on August 3, 2008

I’ve shown 3 of Glasgow’s 4 cathedrals on this blog, and An Honest Man was a bit stumped as to what the fourth one was. So here it is – the Greek Orthodox Cathedral of St Luke the Evangelist. You can be forgiven for not being so familiar with it – the other 3 are in relatively busy and prominent locations in or near the city centre, whereas this one perches at the end of a small leafy one-way residential street in the West End.

It was originally a United Presbyterian church, but has been owned and occupied by the Greek Orthodox Church since 1960. The architect was Jim Sellars, who also designed the nearby Kelvinside Hillhead Parish Church (which would explain why, when I was researching the cathedral, I saw the picture and thought I knew which church it was, but was actually thinking of Kelvinside Hillhead so had to go back to the internet and look at the map!).

Unfortunately it was closed when I came to take the picture so I couldn’t look inside. But they do have a website. Although it is Greek Orthodox it also provides a spiritual home for other Orthodox worshippers in the city – Russian, Romanian, Serbian, and others, as well as Greek.

5 Responses to “Glasgow’s other Cathedral”

  1. blacksun said

    I love these old churches.

  2. most impressive
    thanks for the insight into my culture, and how migrants choose to express themselves in another country

  3. JM said

    You have majestical buildings in Scotland! Unfortunatelly i’ve never been there…

  4. This is a ripper of a building. You know you’ve got a few good ones when this counts as an ‘other’!

  5. I wasn’t aware this was a cathedral! I know the building (from the outside) very well.

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