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View of the city from Dundas Vale

Posted by Jackie on August 5, 2008

Unfortunately I didn’t manage to get out and about much to take pictures last week, and I’m down south again this week (long story!), so I’m having to trawl the archives for the next few days till I can hopefully get some shiny new pictures next week.

This picture was taken in March this year, when I had my picture taken for an article in the Glasgow Evening Times about this very blog. As it happens, I don’t think the article ever appeared – I think it’s one of those they meant to save for a slow news day to fill in a bit of space, and then news kept on happening and crowded out my 15 minutes of fame! The whole experience was hilarious though – I was being photographed by this professional photographer with his huge whizzy camera, and I had to stand there against this view posing with my tiny point-n-press diddycamera! It was really surreal, and at least one passer-by laughed at us, I was so embarrassed!

Anyway while I was waiting for the pro to sort out his gear, I turned round and snapped the view. This is just north of the city centre, looking back towards the centre of town.

7 Responses to “View of the city from Dundas Vale”

  1. Wayne said

    Since I started my recent adventure in daily photos all I seem to see are these high end digital cameras. Some of them have long lenses on them that look as though they would cost more than a car.
    I took a photography course 5 years ago. The course was for SLR cameras, (I forgot everything they tried to teach me so don’t look for artistic content in my pics), At the end of the course, 3 Saturday mornings, I asked the instructor about the future of digital photography. He told the class digital photography for professionals was a long way off. The equipment was too expensive and the quality wasn’t good enough etc.
    In the tech age I guess 5 years qualifies as a very long way off since all I seem to see is what looks to my untrained eye like professionals with super duper honking great digital cameras.
    What I hated about my old SLR was it was so heavy. I carted that thing half way ’round the globe over the years. Eventually I came to resent it and wouldn’t take it on trips. Now I clip my camera to my belt. You couldn’t give me one of those super duper………..wait, I take that back, you could ‘give’ me one. Otherwise forget it.

  2. Lara said

    archive or not, it’s a great perspective!

  3. Katya said

    Jackie, a great photo and the story behind it, very amusing! Even though you might not have attained your “15 minutes of fame” via the Glasgow Evening Times, look at your presence on the internet!!! You are reaching the entire WORLD!

    Gotta love the world of digital photography! One of the things tht many people fail to realize is that it isn’t the camera that captures the GREAT shots….it takes an “eye” to see the world through the lens and to catch them. So, no matter how expensive or inexpensive a camera might be, a great photographer will get his or her idea across. Do not be intimidated, Jackie!!!!

  4. TIGirl said

    You’re famous on Treasure Island Florida – at least in one home. Enjoy your shots very much.

  5. marley said

    Nice shot, great story! You should write to the paper and remind them you are still waiting for your moment in the spotlight šŸ™‚

  6. Wayne said

    Katya, You’re right. Most of the folks with expensive equipment probably are pros who could take a excellent pic with my camera. Conversely, I could take a pic with the fancy camera and it would still be lame.
    It’s the photographer, not the camera. I read a quote many years ago and I’m not sure who gets credit for it, possibly Ansel Adams. I’ll try to find out later, but meanwhile it went something like, ‘the potential of the Kodak Instamatic have not been fully realized’. It’s not the camera.
    See ya, W.

  7. Gerald said

    loved the story and never mind the paper – that’d be wrapping chips the day after.

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