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Lansdowne Parish Church steeple

Posted by Jackie on August 8, 2008

Some archived blue sky (it certainly feels like the blue sky has been archived!  So much for summer). This is the steeple of Lansdowne Parish Church on Great Western Road. I know that you’re not supposed to take photos looking up at steeples as it supposedly weirds out the perspective (or something). I’m glad I did though, I quite like the picture, and it was the weirdest experience. I expected it to feel like the steeple was leaning away from me as I looked up (which is how this photo looks now to me), but I remember at the time feeling as I looked up that the steeple was leaning towards me and would topple over! Very odd.

6 Responses to “Lansdowne Parish Church steeple”

  1. Wayne said

    Over the years I gave up shooting up from the ground because the pics never seemed to come out the way I thought they would. Now that I’m digital I don’t care, I fire away in all directions.
    In my unprofessional opinion one reason this works, and I think it does, is that you don’t have the steeple smack in the middle of the frame. The sense of perspective is very strong.

  2. Ian said

    Beautiful shot; I love church steeples — something about them reaching to the heavens.

  3. Lara said

    wow, I like the way this tower goes towards the sky! so solemn, so proud and beautiful!

  4. babooshka said

    Compostition can make or brak a pic and yes having it slowly off centre works wonders. Great upwards shot against that wonderful blue sky.

  5. maley said

    I like the way it leans. Take no notice of expert opinion, just enjoy 🙂

  6. This would be a fine Sky Watch Friday entry!
    “Louis” always enjoys images with old churches in them.

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