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Bollards! (again!)

Posted by Jackie on August 10, 2008

I’ve shown pictures of these lovely mosaic bollards on Great Western Road before, but they’re such fun I’m quite happy to show more! As mentioned previously, I think that they were designed by local schoolchildren, and every one is different.

I’m away for the weekend, but magic photos will still appear.

8 Responses to “Bollards! (again!)”

  1. Wayne said

    I haven’t seen the tiled variety but I think bollards have been underrated for eons. They may be coming into their own.
    Jackie, I’m going to give you this idea for free and I think it’s got huge potential. In my opinion the world is crying out for a coffee table book on bollards.
    If you take this idea and run with it just mention my name in the credits. Good luck.

  2. verivaki said

    very very artistic!

  3. Katya said

    Well, shamefully, I had to look up the word “bollard” in the dictionary….yes, I wasn’t sure! I thught perhaps these ae the things used to keep people from moving about on a closed-off street. However, when I saw that their original purpose has to do with ships, I didn’t feel quite so dumb, as I never lived that close to ships and water!!! hehehe

    Wonderful photo and wonderful bollard! Are those not bunnies on it? Loving color as I do, what a clever way to decorate!!!!

  4. maley said

    Very cool. Better than boring old street furniture 🙂

  5. Ian said

    Very nice indeed; and what a great idea to get schoolkids to design.

    [And Katya; I had no idea about ships either — you sent me to Wikipedia. :)]

  6. Lara said

    they did a wonderful job these kids!

  7. Awesome indeed!

  8. adventurefriends said

    Whenever I see these on Great Western Road it reminds me of when I was younger. Somebody had been murdered next to one of those posts and I remember passing it in the car with my mum and it was cornered off by the police.

    Sad 😦

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