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Oban High Schools Pipe Band

Posted by Jackie on August 15, 2008

The only actual formal ‘set’ from Piping Live! that I got to see (as opposed to random practising) was this band, the relatively recently-formed Oban High Schools Pipe Band. This was apparently the first time they’d performed at this sort of public event, and I thought that for youngsters they were really good. I think there were around 20 kids in the group, but this close-up was my best picture.

I reckon I’m going soft in my old age. I remembered when I was younger and played in school orchestras and whatnot, and when these guys came marching into the performance area I must admit I had a little tear in my eye. What a wuss, I blub at anything!

10 Responses to “Oban High Schools Pipe Band”

  1. Wayne said

    The first time I visited Scotland I was stopped in a village, the name of which I probably forgot the next day. It was gray and raining but down the road, for no obvious reason I could make out, came a pipe and drum band.

    I can’t take the pipes for long on their own but throw in the drums and I’m there with bells on.

    Couldn’t tell you the name of the village but I never forgot that solitary band, in full regalia, marching in the rain.

  2. Katya said

    Jackie, I can relate to the tears…every time a marching band passes by, I am a basket case. No idea why, except maybe they are tears of JOY that I no longer have to play clarinet!!! hehehe!!! Really, though, I do tear up at bands.

    I love this photo. I love seeing young people following in the traitions of their fathers. To an American, seeing men wearing kilts is quite incredible. I love tradition!!!!!

    Oh how I wish I could hear them!

  3. Buck said

    I love the Great Highland Bagpipe. My wife will only allow me a set of parlour pipes though! Excellent picture of the young men at the beginning of their piping careers. I’ve got a tear myself.

  4. ian said

    Auch there’s nothing like the soonds o’ the bagpipes to tug at the heartstrings! : )

  5. “Louis” is enjoying this series you are doing on the piping!

  6. zsolt72 said

    a real moment of Scotland:) We see pipes like this and skirts like this very rarely in Budapest:)

  7. Sven said

    Apparently the players may choose what tartan to wear, although they are a group. I like that.

  8. Sven, for school bands and the like, they are usually allowed to wear their ‘own’ tartan. True competition bands normally have a single tartan.

  9. Dianne said

    Pipe music always pulls at my heart too. And many things will bring a tear (or many) to my eye.

    I remember one particular time – at a 16th Birthday Party the girl celebrating was dancing with her Dad and I just lost it! Had to go outside.

    People kept asking me what was wrong – how do you describe touchig?

    That party needed Bagpipers! That’s it – then I could have blamed them 😉

  10. Becky said

    This is so awesome! I would love to be in a piping band, though I’ll leave the pipes to my husband (who desperately wants to learn) and pick up the drums instead. I love the sound of a pipe band. This summer we went to our local Caledonia Games for the first time. It was incredible. We actually found that we have our own clan and a “family” castle in northern Scotland. Anyway, you are fortunate to have this opportunity so regularly. We only get it once a year!

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