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Medieval Masons at Work

Posted by Jackie on August 23, 2008

The steps and columns from yesterday aren’t the only interesting thing about the Borders bookshop building. I’d never noticed this before, but this little sculpture in the wall is on the side of the bookshop. It is called Medieval Masons at Work, and was commissioned by the Incorporation of Masons of Glasgow.

I’m away for the Bank Holiday weekend, but magic pictures will still appear.

4 Responses to “Medieval Masons at Work”

  1. Katya said

    What a great find! I find myself often searching for interesting designs in architecture. Finding such work just really adds so much!

    Very lovely and a noteworthy capture!

  2. verivaki said

    looks like the frieze on the acropolis!

  3. annewelsh said

    Wow! I go there every time I’m home and I’ve never seen this! Thanks for sharing!


  4. Ian said

    I can add my “Aye” to Annewelsh; it wasn’t until I took some tourists around Sydney that I saw various intricate carvings — and some rather obvious ones I had somehow missed!

    Beautiful; thanks for sharing.

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