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Pollok beech

Posted by Jackie on August 30, 2008

This ancient tree is on the site of the original Pollok House, up the hill a bit from the current one. There are all sorts of theories as to why it is so knarled and weirdly shaped (and not tall and straight like beeches usually are), from having branches hacked off for firewood to being cursed by witches. The most likely reason though, apparently, is some sort of fungus or infection.

6 Responses to “Pollok beech”

  1. Beautiful tree.
    Nice photo.

  2. Ian said

    Great photo.

    And I love old, large and majestic trees; I can just stare at them. Superb.

  3. I like the structure of the branches – great photo!

  4. Sven said

    A mutant beech?

  5. verivaki said

    great tree, great photo

  6. Katya said

    Oh dear….that does appear to be a very strange “breed” of beech! Insects and disease can really mess a tree up and make it become misshapen.

    The tree does have a stately and dignified stance in spite of its affliction…almost a testimony to its strong(er) will to live!

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