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Back court

Posted by Jackie on September 3, 2008

As I was a bit naughty and posted a picture of a complete stranger’s garden yesterday, I thought I’d show you what my back court looks like!

As I live in a tenement flat I don’t actually have a garden, we just have a small communal courtyard out the back with washing lines and the bins and a bit of grass (allegedly – actually it’s mostly buttercups and dandelions with which I am fighting an ongoing losing battle, rather than grass!). But I used to have a garden when I lived in London so I had quite a lot of pots of various plants, so I brought them with me when I moved up and I have commandeered one small corner of the courtyard to put them. The orange flowers are crocosmia. It certainly brightens up what is an otherwise dull patch of concrete slabs, and luckily for me the plants seem quite happy thriving on neglect! (let’s face it, they get plenty of water!).

9 Responses to “Back court”

  1. Great photos and very professional blog you have.


    p.s. are ya Celtic or Rangers fan?

  2. Wayne said

    Jackie, What a nicely composed shot. I’ve scrolled back to look twice already. For some reason the green leafs in the foreground have caught me by surprise.
    You probably know this, but tenement has a slightly negative connotation in North America. I know this is not the case in Scotland.
    When I visited Glasgow I visited a tenement that had been converted into a museum. The home had been preserved or recreated to give an idea of life in an earlier time. I thought it was well done, the staff were friendly and I enjoyed my tour.

  3. Jackie said

    Team Splashi, a true Glaswegian would answer “Partick Thistle” to that question. As I’m not a Glaswegian, I feel quite safe in admitting that actually I support Stenhousemuir!

    Wayne, I’ve been to the Tenement House too, you’re right it is really interesting. Unfortunately, like lots of National Trust properties, they don’t let you take pictures inside so I haven’t been able to feature it here.

  4. verivaki said

    very pretty – do they suffer from frost (i can’t imagine what they’d look like snowed in!)

  5. Ex West Ender said

    Re footie comments – it’s so good to know that I’m a true Glaswegian!

  6. Definition of a Partick Thistle supporter: a masochist!

  7. Jackie said

    AHM: what does that make me then? The Jags are 2 divisions higher than the Warriors!

  8. joy said

    Love the crocosmia! I think they’re lovely and cheer up any space.

    Thanks for visiting Norwich Daily Photo and leaving your kind comments. Two more days til the weekend!

    Your Love Coach
    A Pinay In England
    I, Woman

  9. Katya said

    Jackie, it looks like you are a living testament to the addage, “bloom where you are planted”! What lovely color and beauty! Very charming!!! And, great capture as well!

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