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Via Veritas Vita

Posted by Jackie on September 14, 2008

Via Veritas Vita (“Way Truth Life”) is the motto of Glasgow University. This plaque, which also features the fish, bell and tree from the city of Glasgow’s motto, is mounted on the wall of the university’s main building.

I’m away for a few days, but magic pictures will still appear.

5 Responses to “Via Veritas Vita”

  1. Gill said

    we were in Glasgow in February lovely city.

    Gill in Canada

  2. Ian said

    When I was travelling around bits of the UK and Europe, I loved the intricate stone work such as this: simply amazing.

  3. marley said

    Great motto and nice plaque. The uni chapel has some really interesting features.

  4. Just a small point – I always understood it to mean “The Way, the Truth, the Life”, but then again I never studied Latin so what do I know!

    Good photograph in any case.

  5. Jackie said

    AHM – me too, but my Latin is so rusty (O’level 23 years ago!!!) I couldn’t remember if it was a definite article or not!

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