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What a load of rubbish!

Posted by Jackie on September 15, 2008

This bunch of bags and trainers has been hanging off this telegraph wire for around the last two years! It’s just up from the university library.  I can’t imagine how they got up there – and I’m guessing the university authorities can’t imagine how to get them down again!

I’m still away – back to normal tomorrow to visit your blogs!

8 Responses to “What a load of rubbish!”

  1. Wayne said

    This is quite common here. As far as I can determine this is what passes for sport among the ‘not too bright’ segment of the teen population. In terms of it’s popularity with kids I can’t really say if this ranks above or below defacing public/private property.

  2. we see quite a bit of this in crete too, nothing unusual

  3. Lara said

    yeah, I saw this here too, and I cannot imagine either why or how anyone would do such a thing…

  4. Katya said

    Ugly, isn’t it? I guess kids think if they can toss their junk up and get it to stay, they are really cool. Perhaps if caught, their parents ought to be the ones to figure how to get it down?

  5. marley said

    I think every town has got something like this, wrapped round a wire. I know we have!

  6. babooshka said

    It could be modern art. No It’s the kind of thing that riles me. Off my soapbox, it is a great catch. It pays to look up.

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  8. Mary Jo said

    Its rubbish but its kind of funny too! LOL

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