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Things to do with an old hospital

Posted by Jackie on September 16, 2008

Like many old and now defunct hospitals throughout the country, this ones along Victoria Road on the south side has been converted into private flats. This particular building (there are several similar buildings parallel to this one) bears the plaque “The Alice Mary Corbett Memorial Nurses Home”. I’m not sure who Alice Mary Corbett was – I’m guessing a former head nurse, maybe?

13 Responses to “Things to do with an old hospital”

  1. John said

    Great looking building, they don’t make like that anymore.

  2. margaret said

    Which hospital was that?

  3. Wayne said

    The building is awesome. I don’t know if I’d want a flat that was an OR or the morgue. Otherwise I think it would be a great address.

  4. Margaret – check this link.

    Jackie – check this link.

  5. margaret said

    Thanks to An Honest Man–very interesting site

  6. Katya said

    Jackie, that is such a beautiful building and I love the way you captured it. It vaguely reminds me of a building in my armory. I think it must be the stone used…And, speaking of my hometown and “recycling” buildings…one of the grade schools I attended is now apartments!

  7. houses are always useful, but i suppose these flats arent cheap, are they?

  8. Jackie said

    I’ve no idea how much they are, but I’m guessing not cheap!

    Thanks everyone who’s commented while I was away. I haven’t had the chance to pay visits back to your blogs, but I will try to visit everyone this week sometime!

  9. Kris said

    I do like the creative flourishes they made (took?) building these places.

    I was intrigued by Mary Alice Corbett, so I did a quick search. This was the best that I could do.

    I would imagine that she was a relative of the benefactor.

  10. Jackie said

    I love doing this blog – so many of my commenters would make fabulous detectives!

  11. Jill said

    Just a bit of history …Alice Mary Corbett was married to Archibald Cameron Corbett, who later became the First Baron Rowallan (1911). Alices’ maiden name was Polson (daughter of John Polson of Castle Levan).
    Archibald was a politician (represented Tradestown), he owned a prolific amount of land – alot of which he donated to the city of Glasgow (Thornliebank, Ardgoil estate, Rouken Glen estate …) – even Rowallan Castle (his home) eventually ended up being gifted to the city. So it seems quite appropriate that this fantastic building is named in honour of his wife! :=)

  12. Jackie said

    Thanks Jill! (and everyone else!). You’re all SO impressive!

  13. Becky said

    What an interesting idea. The other thing about hospitals in Britain, I’ve learned, is that they may not be what we think of as “hospitals” at all. For instance, the famous hospital near the cathedral in Canterbury.

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