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A different Lighthouse view

Posted by Jackie on September 18, 2008

I have previously shown the view from the Mackintosh Tower at the Glasgow Lighthouse, but it also has another viewing platform, this time behind glass and reached by lift rather than an arduous spiral staircase! I think I’d be very happy if I had this sort of view from my flat or my office, don’t you? (and even better if the sky was blue!)

12 Responses to “A different Lighthouse view”

  1. Katya said

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! Sorry, Jackie, but this view is far too metro for moi! Give me hills, mountains, valleys. Hey, even give me Turkey Buzzards!!! hehehe

    Great photo!!!!

  2. I wouldn’t mind Glasgow architecture outside of my office window but what I’ve got isn’t bad – 2/3 of the Arch, a strip of the Mississippi, some of the baseball stadium and this-and-that downtown St. Louis. We have a lot of sky in our view and it was very blue today. By the way, is this the tower in the city center with the camera obscura at the top?

  3. Hilda said

    Aww, and I thought it was from your office or apartment. It is a wonderful view!

  4. god i love the look of your sky (and you probably like the look of my blue one)
    trees are painted white for hygiene reasos – it’s lime (we call it asvesti, from asbestos) and it stops trees from rotting or insects crawling up them

  5. tash said

    This is (sadly) what I know about Glasgow – Ian Rankin, and Gregory’s Girl (1981 – I had just graduated college) & technically not really Glasgow. And that my son’s name is Scottish but we probably did not spell it right (it’s Ian).
    Now I get to know a lot more. I liked the Uni views (the sneakers on the wire remind me of movie/book Holes). I like the city views. Thanks much.

  6. Lara said

    to answer the question on my blog: I am Serbian (my father) and Romanian (my mother), my hubby is an Austrian :), how about this multikulti? your feelings I experimented really often: sometimes in Ro I was a Serb and in SRB a Romanian… how weird is that? but ever since I met hubby, my national issues come second, I don’t see flags, I just see people I love. and it’s so comfortable! lots of hugs, L.

  7. Dido said

    Very nice, very urban – much more so than Edinburgh. And I’ll pass on your thanks to Mr D, I had no idea he was that knowledgeable either but occasionaly he surprises me!!

  8. dianne said

    I love gray dramatic skies. Last time I was in the UK there were several bright sunny days in a row and naturally most people were thrilled.

    I hated it LOL

    I came all that way for sexy gray 🙂

  9. Jackie said

    Thanks all. Strangetastes, I didn’t know anything about a camera obscura so I googled. The only Glasgow camera obscura I found was a band of that name, and all the links were to a camera obscura in Edinburgh. Which looked cool, I must look that out next time I’m in Ed.

  10. Lara said

    I guess your photo also qualifies as a great sky watch, right? 🙂

  11. marley said

    That is a great city view. Always something interesting to look at. And getting to it in a lift is even better!

  12. It is a top view. I quite like the grey sky, very ‘Scotland’. 😉

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