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Paul’s Turn

Posted by Jackie on September 26, 2008

This sculpture is called Paul’s Turn, by Anthony Caro.

There are a couple of sculptures in this red metal. I’m not that mad on them, to be honest, but thought I’d show you the different styles on offer. Tomorrow I’m going to put up a picture of my favourite of the sculptures in the Sculpture Garden.

6 Responses to “Paul’s Turn”

  1. Hilda said

    So far, my favorite of what you’ve posted is the “Rio.” I’m not sure I get this one either. I’m loving this series of yours!

  2. Wayne said

    I tried a couple of times to put something down here to express my befuddlement but gave up. My plan now is to start collecting scrap metal and resurrect my welding training.

    Can’t wait to be pleasantly surprised tomorrow.

  3. Ex West Ender said

    Perhaps it should be re-named ‘Barr’s Irn Bru’.
    (made from girders)

  4. Lara said

    oh, well, better a sculpture than scrap :)!

  5. Jackie said

    Thank you all. It’s funny how what to some people is fine art is to others just a pile of junk. I went to an exhibition a few weeks ago of a famous English artist called Ben Nicholson, and I got really cross with it because I thought all but one of the pictures were absolutely terrible, I could have done better myself when I was at school! And his stuff is in big galleries all over the world! The world’s gone mad!

    Rant over 😀

    Ex-West Ender, that made me laugh out loud. I saw a brilliant Irn-Bru advert the other day on the back of a bus which cracked me up but I didn’t have time to get my camera out. If I can get a picture of it in the next day or so I’ll put it up here.

  6. marley said

    West ender nicked my comment! I was going to say it reminds me of Iron Bru! I like this one the best so far.

    If you want to see the bridge in my post today in full, go back to it and click on ‘honeybourne’ in the labels 🙂

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