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Tools for the Shaman

Posted by Jackie on September 27, 2008

This is my favourite sculpture in the Sculpture Garden – it is by Scottish sculptor Jake Harvey, and is called “Tools for the Shaman”. The blurb says it is sculpted from “Kilkenny black fossil diorite limestone”. There are a couple of other blocks which form the whole sculpture, but I was really pleased with this slightly closer view.  I really like how the texture of the sculpture seems to fit so well with the texture of the hideous beautiful 60s/70s wall and the gravelly floor.

I’m getting a bit low on photos (will be out today hopefully replenishing supplies, if not the next week will be from my rapidly dwindling archives!).

3 Responses to “Tools for the Shaman”

  1. Hope said

    All the different textures are wonderful!

  2. i love the different colours and textures of stone displayed altogether – makes for an awesome composition

  3. JM said

    I really like the colors and the texture of the artworks, they make your photo look great along with the framing!

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