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Campus silliness

Posted by Jackie on October 9, 2008

Another thing that lets you know it’s the start of another academic year is the number of people prepared to make themselves look very silly in order to attract the business of new students. Campus is a club in the city centre – after I took this picture they tried to persuade me to come along, but as I’m old enough to be the mother of their average clientele I’ve given it a miss. The bus is used to ferry students back to the university after chucking-out time at the club, so it’s good to see they’re trying to look after the students a bit as well.

7 Responses to “Campus silliness”

  1. Katya said

    Looks like some fun! Except for the license plates on the bus, that looks like it could be a scene right here on the streets of the US!

    Great capture, and looks like good clean fun!

  2. takes me back to my student days in wellington
    you know that this sort of behaviour is practically non-existent in greece. greek students are never really independent, even as university students. they mature at a much later age than the average westerner (too much coddling is basically the reason why this happens)

  3. Gerald said

    Saw the thumbnail on the portal and thought it was a school bus – guess it is, but for “big kids”.

  4. Lara said

    hahaha, so funny! you don’t see such thing here!

  5. Melissa said

    I got knocked back from going into Campus for not being student, even though I’m 22 years old! Never been knocked back from anywhere in my life and that made me mad!

  6. Dianne said

    It does look much like a scene from the US. I love the guy wearing some sort of furry head. He’s just out of frame 🙂

  7. Mary Jo said

    OHH, I wish there was more silliness here!

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