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Coat of arms – again

Posted by Jackie on October 12, 2008

Glasgow’s coat of arms (featuring tree, bird, fish and bell) crops up all over the place, and makes an appearance every so often on this blog. It even appears in every bus stop – this one is just down from Cathedral Square.

5 Responses to “Coat of arms – again”

  1. Barbara said

    Nice “moving” snapshot@

  2. Becky said

    At first glance it looked like they were large signs on posts in the grass there. (The one on the right has a tree trunk just in the right place.) It wasn’t until I read your caption that I saw what they really were. Funny how the eyes play tricks!

  3. Clever photo Jackie – took my eye a few seconds to sort it out as well.

  4. marley said

    At first glance I thought these signs were on posts stuck in the grass! Great shot. Glasgow must be proud of its Coat of Arms to stick it in a bus stop!

  5. Kiat said

    This is brilliant! I have seen the signs on the glass a few times but somehow I failed to pick them up 😛

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