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Herpes Soup

Posted by Jackie on October 13, 2008

Last week Ham at London Daily Photo posted a picture with the caption “Sometimes you just have to take the picture”. So it was with this one – spotted outside a pub in Bath Street in the city centre a couple of weeks ago. I know they are always telling us how unhealthy the Scots diet is – here’s the proof! In answer to the obvious questions:

1. I really have no idea.
2. No, I’m a vegetarian.
3. To be honest, I thought it best not to ask.

19 Responses to “Herpes Soup”

  1. babooshka said

    Bravo! Now that is a supberb catch. Photography really does help you see the world in a more lateral way. I genuinely don’t think off hand I have ever seen this urm meal, offered up for tatsing on a menu before. Hope this is the only time.

  2. Wayne said

    Maybe it’s a cunning plan to run the business into the ground.

    So Jackie, is it a hassle to being vegetarian in Glasgow? My guess is no. if my experience in London is anything to go by.

  3. Perhaps it was a misspelling. Perhaps it meant “Herpes SOAP”, a well known wonder cure!


  4. Kate said

    I especially like your option #3.

  5. Elaine said

    A vile attempt to be seen as a place for easy “date” pick-ups? circa 1981? A method of making haggis seem appetizing to tourists?

  6. For what it is worth, look here.

    Isn’t Google wonderful!

  7. Ex West Ender said

    I reckon the landlord’s wife made the soup.
    Then when the member of staff who writes the sign asked the landlord “What’s on the menu today?”, he replied “Her pea soup”.

  8. Hillarious!!

  9. marley said

    The taste is infectious! Very funny sign, well spotted.

  10. Erik said

    I was trying to read some of the older messages on the sign board, but could not make them out. Maybe someone with better resolution or eyes can make them out. They might give a clue as to what sort of shop this is, restaurant or soap shop. Or maybe a practical joke shop?

  11. i’m surprosed you didnt rush in to find out! your next post is to get us the recipe!

  12. John said


  13. Jackie said

    Thanks everyone đŸ™‚

    Erik, it’s a pub that obviously does food as well. I’m wondering what’s on the menu this week, if this is their normal type of fare!

  14. It was probably just a gag (tee hee!) by an outgoing disgruntled employee, yeah?

    Did you see the sign from the American McDonald’s restaurant announcing its new angus burgers but left a vital “g” out of the sign. ew!

  15. april said

    No thanks ;-))

  16. Livio said

    I can’t well believe it!I trust it is a mistake.Or not?

  17. Katya said

    Jackie, this particular entry on your blog has certainly generated some good comments! As for me, I think like you, I would not be too curious….just laugh…and leave!!!

  18. Mary Jo said

    This is odd, they wouldnt catch me!

  19. Becky said

    This made me truly laugh out loud! Thanks for sharing it.

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