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Rufus T Firefly

Posted by Jackie on October 18, 2008

This image has been drawn on the window of the rock bar Rufus T Firefly, on Hope Street. Other windows have included images from Status Quo and that sort of band. I have to say, it’s not the kind of image that would entice me inside, but having poked about on the web the other day there are lots of good reviews of it, so if rawk is your kind of music you might like it.

I don’t think the woman on the left is supposed to have a moustache!

Tomorrow I’ll show you the window from one of the other bars owned by the same people who own Rufus Ts.

7 Responses to “Rufus T Firefly”

  1. It does make a change from the usual though. Nice photograph.

  2. Not sure who they are but I don’t like their looks. Especially the lady with whiskers on her lip.

  3. Mary Jo said

    I think its Freddy Mercury!!

  4. Ex West Ender said

    Don’t be put off by their looks – most rockers are just big pussycats.
    If they have live bands, I might even give it a look next visit to Glasgow.

    Thing is – Is it a woman with a moustache or a man who has had a boob job?

  5. they look a bit too daunting for me…

  6. Wayne said

    Groucho Marx is spinning in his grave. Rufus T. Firefly is the name of a Groucho character from one the brothers’ movies. I’d have to Google to figure out which one.

    Thanks for pointing out her moustache Jackie, I was distracted.

  7. babooshka said

    Erm in my younger days, I probably would have been found here. The island is a little more sedate.

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