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Autumn leaves

Posted by Jackie on October 24, 2008

I thought I’d better post some autumn pictures before all the leaves disappear. I took this picture just over a week ago, and probably nearly all of these leaves are history by now. These trees are on the Great Western Road. I liked the patterns of the trunks and branches in this picture.

9 Responses to “Autumn leaves”

  1. Ian said

    Beautiful. Such a grand tree, and I love the multitude of branches.

  2. Katya said

    A very pretty capture, indeed! That tree looks very BIG!

    This afternoon, I went out with the mulching lawn mower and mulched the veritable CARPET of leaves on the lawn. One can actually see some green grass now! However, there are still MORE leaves to fall. Ah well, gives me something to do.

  3. Wayne said

    Looks a bit like a painting by Jackson Pollock or Jean Paul Riopelle. If I squint. You have an artistic eye Jackie.

  4. maria v said

    hey, i’ve posted something so similar to this, we’re thinking along the same lines!

  5. JM said

    Very nice pic! Wayne is right, it looks a bit like a Pollock painting!
    I would also like to post some autumn colours, but (gladly!) summer seems to be going on around here and everything is still green. 🙂

  6. After the gales we just had I’d be surprised if there are any leaves left on the trees!

    Nice composition.

  7. Lara said

    an intricate autumn pattern…

  8. Mary Jo said

    I like it a lot and I should do the same thing!

  9. Tootie said

    That looks like a huge tree; very pretty! Sadly the leaves will soon be gone.

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