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Money well spent

Posted by Jackie on October 27, 2008

This is the sign that will greet you as you head to the domestic baggage reclaim section at Glasgow Airport. There’s one of those “Only in Scotland” stories behind this sign – which used to read “Scotland – the best small country in the world”. That strapline had been coined by the previous Labour-LibDem administration in Scotland, but when the SNP (Scottish National Party) won the election last year, they felt that referring to Scotland as a “small country” was demeaning so put out a consultation for an alternative. Several months, and I don’t want to think how much money paid to an ad agency or image consultant or whoever later, and this is what they came up with. Welcome to Scotland.

I am so in the wrong job.

13 Responses to “Money well spent”

  1. Lindsay said

    Well it’s better than all those tartan posters at Prestwick….(or maybe …please…) they have gone too….Arriving in Prestwick always feels to me like arriving in a bad 1950s film version of Scotland with Danny Kaye in the lead role as the impish kelpie with the cod accent….

  2. Och Aye the noo!

    Image consultants – they’d have had as good an answer if they’d trawled the local bars and bought a few rounds.

  3. Mary Jo said

    We are all in the wrong job!

  4. I suppose it’s wrong to take comfort in the fact that we’re not the only ones coming up with brilliant branding campaigns? I’m echoing Mary Jo: We’re all in the wrong job!

  5. tash said

    Clever use of the flag 😉 … & how much did they spend? I like your shot though with the people in the reflection, is it?

  6. love the foreign language: failte gu alba

  7. Jackie said

    Tash, the people are part of the poster – the bit to the left of the flag is a picture of the library in Glasgow School of Art, so I presume they’re students.

    Maria: the language is Gaelic – it really is beautiful, I’ve always fancied having a go at learning it. The first word is pronounced something like “felcher”. Alba is the Gaelic word for Scotland.

    Lindsay: I’ve never flown from Prestwick so I’m not sure – An Honest Man might be able to give you the low down on the Prestwick tartan.

  8. JM said

    Very interesting post. We are currently having a big scandal around here concerning 123 million euros spent by the portuguese government in the last years with consulting agencies for every kind of purposes…

  9. Dido said

    Hey Jackie!

    I have awarded your blog a “Fabulous Fall” award, for your arty leaves pics! Come and visit Edinburgh DP to pick it up and pass it on!


  10. marley said

    Its good to know our money is being well spent! They recently tried to change the Cheltenham Borough Council logo from a Coat of Arms to a daisy! Thankfully common sense prevaild!

  11. Katya said

    hehehe!!1 I love reading the Scottish remarks!!!

    I thought the US was the only country to pee money away on silly campaigns. Who EVER woulda thunk the SCOTS???

  12. Ruby said

    Fantastic story, how mad!!

    Is Alba Gaelic for Scotland? I hope so, it sounds very nice!

  13. Linda said

    As a Scot I always feel “cringe” when I see these airport signs. But also as a Scot, I suppose I could come up with a stroke of brilliance like this if I was paid enough…

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