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Going Underground

Posted by Jackie on October 28, 2008

Today’s picture is a rather bizarre sculpture-ish sort of thing I guess, it’s not a common structural thing so I presume it’s art but I don’t know who designed it or anything. It’s in the ticket hall of the tube (underground train) station at St Enoch.

Yesterday I met up with some friends from down south who are holidaying in Scotland and we had a brilliant time at one of Glasgow’s best sights. I’ve featured it on this blog before, but the weather was so good that I got tons of pictures I’m really pleased with. I’ll probably show some of them next week and keep the others for random other days. I think they’ll keep me going for a while, anyway 🙂

12 Responses to “Going Underground”

  1. babooshka said

    I can safely say we have nothing of this ilk here. Are you shaw they are’nt giant robot legs?

  2. Wayne said

    Jackie, you don’t recognize it as public art because it has no graffiti, posters or pigeon poop on it. It’s art alright. I like it.

    I always get a smile when I think of Glasgow’s subway going around and around in a circle. I’m very sure the fact that the system hasn’t been expanded since 1896 has nothing to with rumours that the Scots are ‘careful’ with a money.

  3. Katya said

    Art, to be sure. OR, if they are structural, run like the wind and don’t look back! hahaha

    A very cool find and great capture!

  4. JM said

    It is bizarre but I like it! They fit quite well, I think.

  5. Kris said

    It looks like a broken piston.

  6. robot legs

  7. Although I like many of the suggestions above, they are in fact Chthonic Columns. For more information click here.

  8. Steven said

    Wow! It’s my first time here at Glasgow Daily and I love it! Just look at this photo! First time it flashed into my eyes, I definitely was amazed! Love it!

    I’ve known Glasgow not because it was the Capital of Scotland(Geography enthusiast I am) but also because of the song Super Trouper by ABBA. I just love that song I think you know that?

    God BLess you and Mabuhay from the Philippines! Hope you visit Cavite Daily Photo too if ever you have spare time!


  9. margaret said

    To an honest man
    When I was a child I thought my Dad knew everything! Now I think you do

  10. Jackie said

    Thank you – I love that its often the bizarre things I take pictures of that get most comments 🙂

    Margaret, I agree with you. An Honest Man is the fount of all knowledge! (I’m so glad he’s a regular visitor here, I learn so much!)

  11. Looks like something out of Star Trek or Star Wars. Thank God for An Honest Man, otherwise, we’d all be scratching our heads.

  12. Tim said

    Aren’t those the portals that suck you up and spit you out in some far away land???

    Dig it!

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