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Clockwork Orange

Posted by Jackie on October 29, 2008

Even though I have lived in Glasgow for 3 years now, I still have to suppress a giggle every time I see one of our tube (underground) trains. Having lived in London for several years before moving up here, I was used to tube trains. But Glasgow’s are so dinky! The tube just goes round and round in a circle, and we all call it the Clockwork Orange – because it’s dinky, like a toy train, and because well it’s orange.

This was taken at St Enoch station. Forgive the not very good quality, but I didn’t think the driver would appreciate me using flash.

13 Responses to “Clockwork Orange”

  1. JM said

    Jackie, I’m giving you the Kreativ Blogger award. Stop by my blog to pick it up 🙂

  2. JM said

    BTW I love your ‘Clockwork Orange’ photo!

  3. tash said

    Ha-ha! But do you also have to “mind the gap”?

  4. Lara said

    looks pretty much like the Bucharest subway.

  5. Jackie said

    Lara, the Bucharest trains are much bigger! (I can actually stand up comfortably in them, and they are more than 3 carriages long!)

    Haven’t noticed any “mind the gap” signs here – the trains aren’t very long (see above) so there’s probably no need for a bendy platform!

    Thank you very much JM 🙂

  6. Lindsay said

    I love the smell of the subway….does it still have the same one I wonder….?!

  7. Steven said

    This is such a cool shot! I really love the hazy train! Just how fast it is shows in your very beautiful frame! Great shot!

    Thanks so much for your very kind greeting and also for correcting my Geography! jajajaja Thank you so much! I hope I can go to Glasgow sometime in my life! God bless you and More power!


  8. Ex West Ender said

    Like Lindsay, I always called it ‘the subway’. ‘tube’ is sooo London!
    Is the ‘clockwork orange’ a wind up?

  9. does that mean that there is only one line?!?

  10. Stephen S. said

    Maria: One line, yeah; two circles, running in opposite directions. 15 stations. It’s the third oldest underground in the world, and actually stays underground unlike most other similar systems! Bizarrely, it hasn’t been altered from it’s original route in the late 19th century.

    But, seriously. Nobody other than Glasgow’s tabloids call it the Clockwork Orange… 😉

  11. Ruby said

    I like the idea of a dinky underground train. The London one scares me a bit – I hate having to walk near the edge of the track. The Glasgow underground looks less intimidating, in its dinkiness!!

  12. Jackie said

    Thanks for all the comments. Steven and Ex-West Ender, yeah clearly I’m an immigrant and have been sucked into the media hype (*I* call it the Clockwork Orange, and also refer it to the tube – but look where I spent the previous 15 years before moving to Glasgow!) 😉

  13. Katya said

    Having lived in NYC for some time, the first thing that stood out to me about this picture is how CLEAN the place looks! The subways in NYC were a real “eye-opener” for this small town girl!

    A really cool capture, Jackie!

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