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Kibble Palace succulents

Posted by Jackie on October 21, 2008

This is an archive photo, from the Kibble Palace glasshouse in the Botanic Garden. I thought this particular bit was succulent plants, but I’ve not been here for ages, and looking at the plants I’m not so sure now. I like it as you can see the effect of the domed roof as well as the actual plants.

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Posted by Jackie on October 20, 2008

This is part of the Glasgow University main building, as seen from the bus stop I wait at to get home after a long day’s hard work (!). I don’t think I’ve ever taken a picture of this bit of the building that I’ve liked – I just can’t get the light right, whatever the weather or time of day. This is the best one so far, but I’m still trying to improve. (I guess finding the long-lost instruction manual and working out manual settings would help. But who knows if it’s in my flat or storage or where? So I’ll keep on just pointing and pressing for now, and hoping for the best!).

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Posted by Jackie on October 19, 2008

Here’s one for all you Doctor Who fans. This is on the window of the Solid Rock Cafe at the bottom part of Hope Street, part of the same group that includes Rufus T Firefly (featured yesterday). This little variation on their usual expression did make me laugh, I must admit, even though of course I’d never think of having too much to drink myself 🙂

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Rufus T Firefly

Posted by Jackie on October 18, 2008

This image has been drawn on the window of the rock bar Rufus T Firefly, on Hope Street. Other windows have included images from Status Quo and that sort of band. I have to say, it’s not the kind of image that would entice me inside, but having poked about on the web the other day there are lots of good reviews of it, so if rawk is your kind of music you might like it.

I don’t think the woman on the left is supposed to have a moustache!

Tomorrow I’ll show you the window from one of the other bars owned by the same people who own Rufus Ts.

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Posted by Jackie on October 17, 2008

This is a view at the junction of Trongate with High Street, on the edge of the Merchant City.

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Norman MacLeod statue

Posted by Jackie on October 16, 2008

Just to show that it’s not just the statue of Wellington outside the Gallery of Modern Art that gets the traffic cone treatment – actually if you’re a statue in Glasgow, any statue, chances are you will have had a cone appendage at some point in your history 🙂

This statue is of a former Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland, Norman MacLeod. He was ordained in 1838, and made a Royal Chaplain in 1857, becoming a trusted friend of Queen Victoria (info from Wikipedia).

This statue is in Cathedral Square.

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Posted by Jackie on October 15, 2008

Last week I posted a picture of Great George Street, and a number of people commented about the distinctive housing. Luckily for you, at the same time I took the Gt. George St. picture I also took a close up of the flats. They are tenement flats, which appear all over Glasgow. They are built out of sandstone, and in Glasgow the sandstone is usually either red, like these, or what is known as ‘blond’ (which is basically beige).  They were built as flats from the beginning, and have never been houses (unlike other cities, where 4 or 5 storey houses either stay as houses or are converted into 4 or 5 flats later).

In most places the term ‘tenement’ is quite pejorative, but in Scotland it refers to any block of flats with a common central staircase and no lift/elevator, especially those built before 1919. The central staircase is known as the close. Inside there are lots of interesting nooks and crannies, which in the old days were bed recesses. The Tenement House in the city centre is a preserved flat which is a fascinating look into life in Glasgow in the earlier part of the 20th century.

Great George Street is in the west end of the city, probably the priciest part of the city in terms of housing prices (I certainly couldn’t afford a flat in this part of town). As I understand things though, in general the tenement flats tend to at least hold their value in a financial downturn, so still represent a pretty good investment (I certainly hope so, as I bought one!).

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I Predict a Riot

Posted by Jackie on October 14, 2008

I can’t help with a recipe for yesterday’s concoction, but I can give another giggle hopefully (well, this made me laugh anyway). When thinking about Glasgow and the beautiful game, most people will have heard of the two big football teams in Glasgow, Celtic and Rangers (known collectively as “The Old Firm”) who play in the SPL (Scottish Premier League). Glasgow actually has two other teams – Partick Thistle in the 1st division, and Queen’s Park (my local) in the 2nd. Partick Thistle (also known as “The Jags” for some reason) are the team that Glaswegians who want to be cool and not follow the pack support (personally I’m uber-cool and support a 3rd division team).

This little joke was spotted the other week at the Transport Museum, of all places.

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Herpes Soup

Posted by Jackie on October 13, 2008

Last week Ham at London Daily Photo posted a picture with the caption “Sometimes you just have to take the picture”. So it was with this one – spotted outside a pub in Bath Street in the city centre a couple of weeks ago. I know they are always telling us how unhealthy the Scots diet is – here’s the proof! In answer to the obvious questions:

1. I really have no idea.
2. No, I’m a vegetarian.
3. To be honest, I thought it best not to ask.

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Coat of arms – again

Posted by Jackie on October 12, 2008

Glasgow’s coat of arms (featuring tree, bird, fish and bell) crops up all over the place, and makes an appearance every so often on this blog. It even appears in every bus stop – this one is just down from Cathedral Square.

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