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Crane and Bridge

Posted by Jackie on November 4, 2008

Following the City Centre/Edinburgh direction (see yesterday’s sign) this was the view. The crane has been featured here before, it’s most commonly referred to as the Finnieston Crane and is now listed so cannot be dismantled but it stands as an icon to the river’s shipbuilding past. Next to it is the very new (couple of years old) Clyde Arc – but nobody calls it that. Ever since it was opened, absolutely everyone knows it as the Squinty Bridge. Because it’s squinty, of course.

By the way, although it was a lovely clear and sunny day, I have to say that it was absolutely freezing. Just so you know what I go through for you all 😉

9 Responses to “Crane and Bridge”

  1. Wayne said

    Personal sacrifice duly noted. What a women!

  2. Hilda said

    I like that squinty bridge and the terraced building (apartments?). The crane looks kind of out of place, but considering its history, I guess it does belong there.

    Keep warm! So you can give us more wonderful photos!;D

  3. Andrew said

    And the bridge over the River Tyne in Newcastle is officially the Millennium Bridge, but always referred to as The Winking Eye. There is an eye theme happening here.

  4. Mary Jo said

    Fantastic shot!
    Keep mooving, go for a walk, you’ll warm up 🙂

  5. Ruby said

    The Clyde Arc looks very much like the Millenium Bridge in York, although I think it’s most likely on a smaller scale. I don’t know if it has a local nickname – I’ll have to find out!

  6. marley said

    Its good to see that a piece of history remains in amongst all the renewal of the riverside area.

    Glad to hear you suffer for your art! Lol 🙂

  7. Katya said

    A very beautiful capture, Jackie….kind of a contrast in two differing times…

    Perhaps some of the warmer weather (freaky!!!) we have been having will cross the ocean to you! It has been seriously warm, as in summerlike! Strange! But it does feel nice.

  8. Becky said

    The shapes in this photo really caught my eye. The curve of the bridge; the lines of the crane and railing; the wavy lines of the shadow of the railing on the pavement;the stair-steps of the building across the water; and the non-shapes of clouds in the sky. What a great shot!

  9. One minor point Jackie. The crane is actually a reminder of the engineering past of Glasgow. Whilst it was originally used for loading boilers and engines into ships, this declined and it was used to load steam locomotives onto ships for transportation to India, South Africa …………….

    Finnieston Crane

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