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Science Centre and Tower

Posted by Jackie on November 11, 2008

I like the effect here, with the Tower reflected in the glass of the Science Centre. I think I explained last time I showed pictures from the Science Centre how it is built in the shape of a boat on its side, as the place it now occupies used to be where boats from the shipyards would be come to have their hulls cleaned, so this design was a nod to the place’s former role.

7 Responses to “Science Centre and Tower”

  1. Katya said

    What a striking building with a cool design history! The tower reflecting in the glass is brilliant! Love it, Jackie!!!

  2. Randy said

    I have to agree with Katya, this is a striking building.

  3. maria said

    so modern, so bright, so shiny
    wonderful capture against the skyline

  4. Well done. I wouldn’t have seen that reflection had you not pointed it out.

  5. JM said

    Great shot! Love it!

  6. Ian said

    Love it; and like the history in the design too.

  7. Lunarossa said

    Dear Jackie, with your beautiful shots you are showing me a totally diffeerent Glasgow. Ok, I have to admit that I haven’t visited Glasgow for over 20 years and I remember it dark and gloomy. Now I really feel like visiting it again. Thanks. All the best. Antonella

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