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Christmas is coming …

Posted by Jackie on November 24, 2008

Since I took this picture in George Square last week, they have opened up the square (it was closed at this time as they were still building all the festive bits and bobs) and added a big carousel which would be in the foreground of this picture. I’ve got some pictures from the evening with the lights in all their glory which I’ll probably start sharing with you next week*, but I’ll try and get back this week too so you can see everything that’s going on in the square. These lights surround the square on 3 sides and are the same every year – it wouldn’t be a George Square Christmas without the bells and holly.

* Next week is December (eek, how did that happen?!) so I’ll feel less curmudgeonly about posting Christmas light photos!

8 Responses to “Christmas is coming …”

  1. tash said

    Really well captured with the lights and the many splendid buildings in the background. (Looks even better on Flicker).

  2. i can imagine how beautiful these will look lit up
    our street decorations are really quite a laugh – they are never taken down, hanging in the sky all year, and are lit up two weeks before Christmas…

  3. I was expecting a goose from the title!!

    I always feel there is something terribly forlorn about unlit Christmas Lights.

  4. Hilda said

    Eek! is right! Don’t remind me! I’m not ready for Christmas yet!

    The buildings in this square look fabulous! I’m looking forward to the rest of your photos here — especially the night shots!

  5. Dianne said

    I’m not ready yet either!! so double eek lol

    pretty shot though and I’m sure I’ll get into the spirit any month now 😉

  6. babooshka said

    We never take them down here, just switch them on. I’m not atall christmassy yet. Bah humbug still with me.

  7. Katya said

    Yes, Christmas IS in the air! I have seen several houses already decked out for the holiday!!!! I think people (here anyway!) are decorating while the weather is still “good” since it is rather precarious hanging those icicle lights on an icy, snow-covered ladder!!! hehehe

    Cannot WAIT to see the night shots! Christmas lights are almost magical, after all!!!!!!

  8. mike said

    Those look beautiful. I still have to put ours up yet here.

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