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See Glasgow

Posted by Jackie on November 25, 2008

This advertising hoarding, covering some scaffolding in George Square, is advertising “the official site for Metropolitan Glasgow”, – probably a site worth checking out if you are planning a trip here. You can perhaps just see the bells and holly Christmas lights in front of it.

To the right of this picture is a big stage that has been set up for the duration of the Winterfest celebrations, which is where the bands that see in Glasgow’s official Hogmanay celebration will be playing, this year headlined by local boy Paolo Nutini. Excuse me, I know I’m normally a woolly lefty Grauniad-type, but I can feel a Daily Mail moment coming on …

Winterfest? Good grief, it’s political correctness gone mad! It’s CHRISTMAS!! Harrumph.

That’s better.

10 Responses to “See Glasgow”

  1. Is it only me that finds it funny that none of the other religions festivals have to be renamed? Mind you has the Christmas me see about us got anything to do with Christ?

  2. That should of course read ‘the Christmas we see about us’.

  3. Lunarossa said

    Thanks for the Glasgow link and so well display! Now I’m really warming up …not to Christmas, but to Glasgow! We’ll be coming soon. Ciao. Antonella

  4. What a snap ! kudos…..Glasgow is everywhere….

  5. marley said

    I’m with you on your Daily mail rant. I’ll contact the Express!!

  6. Jackie said

    An Honest Man: Indeed. What is most ridiculous about it is that most people of other religions are completely bemused at the thought of Christmas being renamed so that they are not offended and think it’s ridiculous!

  7. Derf said

    I do wonder whether calling it Winterfest is an excuse to have the lights on for months on the basis that it’s winter. Or at least that’s if I’m feeling generous – mostly I agree on the PC gone mad! (Scz on the other hand thinks Winterfest is a great name…..)

  8. Jackie said

    He would!

  9. Katya said

    Political correctness, indeed! I am so appalled that life revolves around political correctness. It has gotten so out of hand…

    I agree with AHM that Christmas has strayed a great deal from the orignal celebration. Here in the US, every year, there is a great deal of monkey business (oops…I really meant to say “litigation”) as to whether communities can display a nativity scene or not. Folks can display just about anything they want, but a NATIVITY scene? No,no,NO! That is too “religious”. Argh!!!!!!! Too bad folks don’t just mind their own business and keep quiet! Isn’t being a GOOD neighbor (Read:***tolerant***) part of the political correctness agenda??????

  10. Becky said

    AMEN!!!! Thank you for getting that off your chest…and mine. 🙂

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