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The coat of arms that gets everywhere!

Posted by Jackie on November 27, 2008

One day I’ll have to tag all my photos, so I can find the various ones that show the elements of Glasgow’s coat of arms. Here it is again, this time as part of a street lamp in Cathedral Square.

Here is a link to the story of the coat of arms, for those who are newer to the blog (and to Glasgow!).

11 Responses to “The coat of arms that gets everywhere!”

  1. babooshka said

    We do have lampost with the Isle of Man Triskelion, but nithing like this. Quirky.

  2. Andrew said

    St Mungo seems to have rather a big input.

  3. Thanks for the little lesson. It’s interesting to see where these traditions started.

  4. Ian said

    Great lamppost, and a fascinating Coat-of-Arms history.

  5. Katya said

    That is the kind of lighting I like to see!!!!! A lamp post with meaning!!!!!! What is even more amazing is I was able to name all four elements! Lovely capture, Jackie!

  6. Wonderful….I never find these kind of lampost in Delhi…..

  7. Hilda said

    I’ve just come back from reading the link — cool! I kind of feel sorry for St Mungo, being blamed for stuff he didn’t do. Thank you so much — I’m a sucker for tales and legends. And for understanding what I’m seeing. So now I love your coat of arms!

  8. JM said

    Beautiful lamp! The design is amazing, I love it.

  9. marley said

    I like your Coat of Arms, much more interesting than ours!

  10. mike said

    I love the design of the lamp.

  11. Lunarossa said

    That’s a very fascinating history for a coat of arms. Cleary St Mungus was/is quite a big “fish” in Glasgow. Sorry that I keep on repeating myself, but through your posts I am discovering a more and more interesting and fascinating Glasgow. Edinburgh has always been my favourite city in Scotland, but I’d better check Glasgow now!!! Thank, Jackie. Ciao. Antonella

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