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Posted by Jackie on November 29, 2008

Beanscene is a chain of coffee shops which has branches in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Ayr and I guess other places in Scotland too (I’ve never seen them in England, but they’re all over Glasgow and I’ve been to at least one in Edinburgh too). I guess like a Scottish Starbucks. They all have these same comfy chairs (very comfy they are too) and do food as well as coffee. I like them – depending on the location they can be very relaxed (although the one nearest to Glasgow University has a bit of a reputation of being where all the yummy mummies hang out – at lunchtime you have to practically climb over the prams to get to your table).

This one is in the Battlefield Branch, near the Victoria Hospital.

8 Responses to “Beanscene”

  1. dianne said

    Oh I’d love it there, great shot – wonderful shadows

  2. Wayne said

    I’ve been in coffee shops with similar chairs. You’re right Jackie, they are comfortable. Apparently this is a good business strategy but I wouldn’t have thought so.

  3. so that’s what mummies do at lunchtime… i took my kids once to a cafe, and my husband vowed never to go out again to such a place with them, so i guess i’ll be going on my own the next time!

  4. This looks like a cozy spot. Not being a coffee drinker, I don’t visit these places very often. I do drop in for a tea every now and then.

  5. Katya said

    Oh, I like this rendition! Very nicely done….the “cozy and comfy” aspect is well captured! Now, I have a confession…I have never been to a Starbucks. No, wait a minute! I lied! RAN inside one several years ago to pick up a mug with a Scotie on it! Yes, I did! I have never bought anything there, as I am not fond of coffee. That is okay, though, as I think I am saving some serious money having my cup at home!!!!

    Yummy mummies, eh? Never heard that expression before. Very cute!

  6. marley said

    Those chairs look perfect for curling up in.

  7. ro_pumpkin said

    almost great shot … i like the atmosphere

  8. Becky said

    I like it! The name, the ambiance…everything. I’ll have to remember this next time I’m in the UK. I never ran into one in London…

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