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More George Square lights

Posted by Jackie on December 7, 2008

Here are some more lights, at the side of George Square (to get your bearings, the reindeer are just to the right of this and Daniel Craig is just to the left!).

5 Responses to “More George Square lights”

  1. magnificent….

  2. Lunarossa said

    Fantastic decorations! You do things in real style up there in Glasgow! Good that Craig is covered this time…All the best! Ciao. Antonella

  3. marley said

    Its lucky I’d seen the other photos or I’d be wondering about reindeers and james bond! Lol!

  4. Linda said

    Glad to know we can get our bearings in Glasgow by Daniel!

  5. Love Christmas lights, everything looks so much brighter, one can not help but be filled with cheer and good will.

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