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Iron railings

Posted by Jackie on December 11, 2008

I liked the pattern of these railings, which accompany some steps leading up from Great Western Road to one of the roads towards the university.

11 Responses to “Iron railings”

  1. Hilda said

    I like it too! I love wrought-iron anything and their patterns are usually gorgeous. That’s one craft that doesn’t seem to be in any danger of getting lost.

  2. Andrew said

    Beautiful and original.

  3. JT said

    So much detail in the fence and the wall. The moss and the weathered chips on the wall give the photo character.

  4. Katya said

    A beautiful railing….makes me want to follow along to see where it leads!

  5. I like the detail and colors in this photo.

  6. Even I loved the pattern of these railings……

  7. I’d guess these are ‘modern’ railings since a large percentage of the railings in Glasgow were removed for scrap metal purposes at WWII.

  8. babooshka said

    I love iron railings and wrought ironin general. Nicley taken side view leading the eye through the image.

  9. mike said

    I love the design of them also.

  10. What a unique photo, I love it and wouldn’t have personally thought of taking a picture like that. Great job!

  11. marley said

    Lovely details.

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