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Net of lights

Posted by Jackie on December 16, 2008

My favourite Christmas lights (and, I suspect, the favourite of lots of locals) are not in George Square but just down the road on either side of the Gallery of Modern Art. Last year I showed the lights in black and white (one of my favourite photos of all the pictures I’ve ever taken ever), this year I don’t think my photos are as good, but this one isn’t too bad. One or two more might sneak their way in before Christmas.

12 Responses to “Net of lights”

  1. dianne said

    I love the bluish color in the left corner!!

    and how cool is a net of lights!

  2. Katya said

    That is absolutely beautiful! (says she who thinks the entire world should be shades of blue!)

    Well captured, Jackie!

  3. mike said

    It looks nice with the building.

  4. JT said

    The combination of colors, as well as the angle, makes for a great shot!

  5. Scottyboy said

    Don’t sell yourself short Jackie, this is a great wee shot. I remember when these lights went up the first time and eventually the Council agreed to keep them up throughout the year as they look so good.

  6. what can I say more about this picture ? nothing just let me enjoy the snap throughout the day !

  7. Lay Clerk said

    Yep, you’re dead right about it being the favourite of the locals. Well this local anyway. And by local I mean relatively local, I don’t live in Queen Street!

    There’s something classy about these lights which is completely lacking in the ones on George Square (and indeed in most Christmas illumination).

    And I agree with Scottyboy, this is an excellent image.

  8. JM said

    It must be awesome to have a second sky above you. Very nice composition!

  9. Lunarossa said

    Love the blue colours and the curtain of lights…Pity that all my excuses for Xmas shopping have run out. I would have liked to visit Glasgow as well. All the best. Ciao.

  10. Derf said

    Definitely my favourite lights (as a no-longer local). I can’t quite comprehend how the same council can come up with both these and the George Square ones…..

  11. marley said

    How lovely. Your right – less is more!

  12. Oooo so pretty. You’re really bustin out some great night shots lately. I love this one.

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