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Red and green

Posted by Jackie on December 18, 2008

I thought I’d give you a little break from the Christmas lights (though there are still plenty more of them to come!). This is part of the pedestrian walkway from the train station near the conference centre (the armadillo, that I showed in several pictures last month) and the conference centre itself. With these shapes, lines and colours it is just made for attempts at arty photos (the flickr Glasgow group regularly has pictures of this walkway, and no two pictures are the same).

19 Responses to “Red and green”

  1. babooshka said

    This is sparkling and so mesmerising. Black and white would not have don this justice. Excellent angle. Well done.

  2. ken mac said


  3. Jana said

    Great perspective!

  4. Wayne said

    Nice job Jackie, It makes me think of The Tube.

  5. Scottyboy said

    Looks a bit prettier during the day doesn’t it! I was there the other night for a gig at the SECC.

  6. Jackie said

    Scottyboy, no kidding! Having a blue sky helps enormously as well!

  7. Katya said

    Ah, Jackie! I was going to comment on the (somewhat rare?) blue sky that contrasts with the red and green of the walkway! You are such a clever girl! Beautiful capture! And it certainly fits right in with the holiday themes, doesn’t it?

  8. Great photo. If I was there, I would be tempted to photograph this at all different angles. There is something about repeating patterns that attracts me. I have often stood in the hallway at one of the offices I work from and wished I had my camera to photograph that long corridor with it’s repeating pattern of doors and lights.

  9. Derf said

    You know, that photo would look so much better with a purple cow in it šŸ˜‰

  10. maria said

    you captured it well – the red really stands out brightly

  11. Hilda said

    I can understand why ā€” those curves are irrestistible. Great shot, Jackie!

  12. JM said

    This is such a fantastic perspective in red! I like it very much.

  13. Lunarossa said

    It looks like a location of a sci-fi movie. I can expect Dr Who turning up in the middle of the tunnel any time! I rember the armadillo well. It seemed a giant croissant to me! Alway thinking about food me :))))Ciao, Jackie. A.

  14. marley said

    Excellent perspective! I like this photo a lot!

  15. Linda said

    Such futuristic delights in Glasgow. I REALLY must make the long trek through one day!

  16. Bob Crowe said

    Jackie – this has great graphic zip. Love it. It really pulls my eye through.

    The last time we were in Glasgow, we got booked at the hotel (then a Hilton, I think) in the middle of the parking lot next to the convention center. We felt lake we were in Nowhere-on-Tyne. We were happier after we changed hotels into the city center.

  17. PeterKraus said

    Very nice shot! I like this place quite a lot, and it’s great for taking pictures. Though, every photographer can transform it in his vision… I’d say, this is one of the best pictures taken from there, while being one of the simplest in idea! Great!

  18. A truly spectacular view…..

  19. ptowngirl said

    W O W !!!!! I REALLY like this shot — great angle and colors!

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