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Nearly there!

Posted by Jackie on December 23, 2008

I have finally – in the last few days – started feeling like it might be Christmas soon. Having left everything till the last minute I still feel like I’ll be about ready for Christmas in about a fortnight, but as Santa waits for no-one I’ll just have to have to do the best I can in the short time left. I bought the last veggie haggis in Glasgow yesterday (or it felt like it anyway, it took several attempts to find a shop that had them and it literally was the last one in the shop I did eventually find it in). Yes I know vegetarian haggis is an oxymoron, and I’m sure Robbie Burns will be spinning in his grave at the thought, but we discovered last year that it goes really well with roast veg, so that is our alternative vegetarian new tradition for Christmas dinner.

Back to George Square for today’s picture – a glimpse of the big Christmas tree, with the reindeer and Scott on his column again. There’s even a blob of holly right in the background on the right, just in case you were missing that.

15 Responses to “Nearly there!”

  1. marley said

    Each to their own! Nice shot, btw 🙂

  2. Andrew said

    Vege haggis. Oh dear.

    Glasgow must be having quite an impact on the power grid.

  3. Wayne said

    I know I could look this up but I’m just going to come out with it. Isn’t haggis mostly oatmeal in a sheep’s intestine or some such organ? It never sounded like something I ever wanted to try even when I ate meat. I’d try the veggie version though.

    I realise I could be way off with my guess at what constitutes haggis but I’m sure someone will correct me.

  4. Katya said

    Now THAT is a LOT of lights!!! Egads, it is *almost* chaotic, eh? hehehe

    Veggie haggis…***IF*** I were to ever partake of this “food”, I think I would eat the veggie version, to be sure! As much as I love everything Scottish, haggis is one item I nearly gagged at the thought of eating. (although not vegetarian, there are certain things like sausage and hot dogs and the like that would *make* me happily eat GRASS!!!!!!)

    Sorry for the dissertation! A lovely capture there, Miss Jackie!

  5. lights lights lights…..sparkling….

  6. Please collect your awards on my blog !

  7. veggie haggis?!? love it, and the tree!

  8. Scottyboy said

    Merry Christmas Jackie!

  9. Sone lovely photgraphy here, capture the modd very well.

  10. Gerald said

    I used to love haggis except the deep-fried batter-coated stuff some chippies served (prob still do) but these days it is too fatty a dish for my diet – whilst a veggie haggis sounds a bit anathema I might consider trying it next year.

  11. kingsfold said

    Have you spotted the different angels on the tops of the columns in George Square? I wasn’t enormously successful getting photos of them, but they are fun!

  12. Jackie said

    Yes, I love those angels but they are a pain to take a good picture of (occasional commenter PeterKraus has a good picture of them – loads better than any of mine!).

  13. ken mac said

    super saturation!

  14. Lunarossa said

    Lovely shot, Jackie. I’ve tried to take some night shot with my mobile but they are a disaster! Maybe i’ll get a new camera after Xmas. I’m not a vegetarian but I love veg haggies and I religiously celebrate Burn’s Night every year! Merry Christmas, Jackie. All the best for the new year! Auguri! Antonella

  15. If anyone is interested, this site gives a fairly good break down of traditional haggis, modern haggis and veggie haggis.

    Mind you I still prefer to think of it as a wild animal with two short legs on the right side and two long legs on the left. This enables it to easily run round conical hills in a clockwise direction. To catch one, you need to jump out in front of it shouting to make it run anti-clockwise when it will roll to the bottom of the hill and you can pick it up!!

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