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Buchanan Bus Station

Posted by Jackie on December 27, 2008

If you arrive in Glasgow by coach or bus from elsewhere then the chances are this is where you’ll end up. I got to know Buchanan Bus Station far too well this year (especially stance 46 which is the one from which the airport bus leaves) as I’ve spent a lot of the year commuting between here and Down South. I’ll be quite happy for less commuting in 2009 – let’s see what the New Year brings.

4 Responses to “Buchanan Bus Station”

  1. ken mac said

    oooo….wish I was there preparing to head off on a journey across Scotland. Maybe to the isle of Islay…

  2. Katya said

    Wow, that is the cleanest, neatest bus station I have ever seen! Seems the ones I’ve seen around here are dirty and kind of ugly. Course, the last time I was actually in a bus station was years and years ago!!!!

  3. Where are all the people??

  4. Jackie said

    Good question! Round the corner, I think! (it was a weekday evening and not particularly busy)

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