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A walk in the park

Posted by Jackie on December 28, 2008

For the next week (apart from January theme day) I’m going to show some photos from Queens Park, from our walk yesterday (27th). As you can see it was very frosty (some of the later photos show the frost better), and despite all day sun it was showing no signs of melting. The church in the background is Queens Park Baptist Church.

I am so lucky having this park on my doorstep. It looked gorgeous covered in frost.

10 Responses to “A walk in the park”

  1. Katya said

    Gorgeous, indeed!!! What a perfect shot! The tree, the church, the pale blue sky…There is something about seeing the sun on the coldest day that just warms the heart! I like this photo a lot, Jackie! It is very appealing!

  2. Hilda said

    It does. And your photo is gorgeous too! Love the composition.

  3. Tash said

    Looks very beautiful and quite chilly. Love the steeple.

  4. A great view….I always love to capture trees through various angles….

  5. Gerald said

    One of the things I loved about living in Glasgow was its numerous parks – always one near to escape into out of the traffic.

  6. JM said

    Light and composition are gorgeous! It’s great to have parks nearby, I’m also lucky to have green everywhere around here.

  7. looks eerily cold and quiet…

  8. Great light gradation.

  9. Marc said

    Just browsed through your blog. Very nice. I like the WordPress theme. Lovely picture.

  10. Lunarossa said

    It looks almost like snow. What a lovely park! Perfect place to go jogging in the morning, frost or no frost! Ciao. Antonella

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