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Turn your back on me

Posted by Jackie on December 29, 2008

This is from higher up in Queen’s Park (it’s the same church spire as yesterday). You can see the extent of the frost better in this picture.

The view beyond the church is unfortunately rather bleached out in this picture – from here there is a fantastic view towards the city and to the hills beyond. It seems really odd to me that they put the park benches facing away from the view.

In other news, today is my first wedding anniversary. What a wonderful (and rather odd) (in a good way!) year it’s been. Far too much time commuting away from Glasgow though, due to Scotland’s inability to recognise my husband’s talents and give him a decent job here. Here’s hoping for better things for the next year. (PS If you click on the ‘random’ tab above the posts, you can see the blushing bride 🙂 )

12 Responses to “Turn your back on me”

  1. Lunarossa said

    Love the photo, looks so “Gorky Park”…Don’t know if you’ve seen the film…mysterious and a bit bleak. Anyway, Happy Anniversary, Jackie and ???? Hope he is back in Scotland to celebrate with you. Have lots of fun…Ciao. Antonella

  2. Hendrawan said

    wew.. it’ look so cool!

  3. A lovely view….quite calm…In between congrats…

  4. Congrats – a good start!!

  5. Congratulations on the anniversay! I love the frosty photo.

  6. Marc said

    I guess the people who put the benches there don’t frequent this park, it’s often like that. Nice picture nonetheless. Did you check out my reply to your bike comment?

  7. Katya said

    (clearing throat)

    Happy Anniversary to you,
    Happy Anniversary to you!
    Happy Anniversary, dear Jackie!
    Happy Anniversary to you!!!! (and many more!!!!!)(and hopefully, MUCH less commuting!)

    Isn’t it odd that the city would go to the trouble to install benches and face them the wrong way? Apparently, the planner must have either been blind or very concerned that the benches be used only for resting tired legs! No loitering taking in the sights! Or, perhaps they wanted folks to stay on the path only!

    I love that photo of you…you were glowing!

  8. marley said

    I like this frosty scene, very wintery. Congrats on your 1st year of married life 🙂

  9. babooshka said

    Congratulations. The image is very nicely composed and the bleaching actually adds to the winter feel.

  10. Ian said

    God grant you many, many years!

    And beautiful photo.

  11. Gerald said

    That frosty scene is much like it is here this morning. Happy anniversary.

  12. mike said

    I love pictures of parks. A great place to take some great photography.

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