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New Year’s Eve

Posted by Jackie on December 31, 2008

This is my favourite of the photos that I took at Queen’s Park the other day – I’m not often brave enough to take a nearly full-shot sky picture, but the vapour trail was so striking I gave it a try and was pleased with the result. I think it has quite a magical quality – kind of like “E.T.” or something!

I’m going to be away for a few days over the new year, visiting friends and family down south. Magic pictures will still appear though, and I should be back by the start of next week, but unfortunately I’ll be unable to answer comments or visit your blogs till then.

As a fitting end to the year though I received two blog awards from Deepak from Delhi, which I’m delighted to receive and to pass on. Thank you very much 🙂

Proximidade_Blog_AwardButterfly Award

I’d like to give these to:

An Honest Man
Maria Verivaki

I know not everybody is mad on these blog awards or find the cutting and pasting and whatnot a bit stressful, so I won’t be at all offended if you don’t want to pick them up, but just take this as a little end-of-year sign of my appreciation of your blogs.

PS Sorry about the Comments Off thing – I’ve no idea what happened there but I’m glad I saw the first few emails today!  They’re on again now – better check the others now!

10 Responses to “New Year’s Eve”

  1. Livio said

    Hi Jackie, I wish you a great and properous new year.

  2. Marc said

    Thank you very much Jackie, I really appreciate the Award. You’re right, I’m not going to cut and paste it, because I try hard to keep my blog as visually “clean” as possible. But it’s the thought that counts and a very good thought it is indeed! Nice to hear you’re away for a couple of days, but do take a look at my post of today when you’re back and let me know what you think. Very best wishes to you and your husband for the New Year!

  3. Curly said

    Have a good night Jackie.

    I hope you don’t mind me taking the easy route by copying and pasting this comment, it is by far the easiest method of getting my message to so many CDP photobloggers.
    I am not sure that I can sustain South Shields Daily Photo much longer, it is so difficult to keep finding new material on a daily basis,
    and after more than two years inspiration and motivation are becoming harder to find, so I may become less daily from time to time.
    I hope you can find new hope and inspiration, and that a new start in 2009 brings everything that you desire.
    The CDP photoblogging community has grown massively over the past year and I’d like to thank those who have visited South Shields Daily Photo, especially those who have been kind enough to leave a comment or two.
    Best wishes for 2008




    South Shields Daily Photo

  4. Hilda said

    Oh yay! I can post a comment here now! ;D

    I just wanted to add that I think this photo is great! Love how you captured the trail between the two spires.

  5. wow, thanks, it’s always a nice feeling to be appreciated by friends
    have a good time in the (warmer?) south
    lots of love and happy new year from hania, crete

  6. washaw said

    Nice contrails picture. On our road trips we love to look for them, pointing them out to each other, counting the total in the sky at any one time. Thanks for the picture. Happy New Year.

  7. Katya said

    Oh, I am in such a hurry and I could write an entire ESSAY on WHY this photograph is so wonderful!!! It really is a beautiful photo! I love it!

    That you for the awards! I am so ignorant regarding displaying such things. I can cut and paste, but I wish Mark had about 40 hours to sit down and instruct me on the finer arts regarding web design, cascading stylesheets, and whatever else I could use to make my blog look better!!!!!!

  8. Lunarossa said

    I’d like to think of it as a shooting star over Glasgow and with such please make a wish and hopelly it will come true in 2009. Thanks very much for the award. Much appreciated. Wish you all the best in the new year. Ciao. Antonella

  9. Happy New Year from California!

  10. Wayne said

    Thanks Jackie. I really appreciate the recognition. I like the contrail shot.

    It’s just after midnight in the UK by my calculations. I hope you’re having a fun time.

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