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Study in Concrete and Blue

Posted by Jackie on January 6, 2009


A very cold day heralded my return to work yesterday – at least the sky was blue and the light good, so that even the university library didn’t look so bad! The round building in the foreground is part of the Hunterian Art Gallery, and the concrete tower behind is the library.

7 Responses to “Study in Concrete and Blue”

  1. Great shot. I love the angle of the buildings.

  2. Happy to see something different…

  3. Scott said

    That could very well be mistaken for a summer’s day shot. Let’s hope see more of the same in Glasgow this year!

  4. Lunarossa said

    This building looks a bit daunting to me! Hope you don’t work there. Especially not in the cylinder bit…Hope you had a good break in Yorkshire. Naughty naughty that you did not say anything…We could have met for a coffee. Well, maybe in Glasgow some time? Ciao. Antonella

  5. Lindab said

    So clean! Is the tower a fairly recent addition? – sorry to be ignorant from so close by!

  6. Katya said

    That is an awesome photo! I really think the buildings look even *more* stark set against that amazing blue sky!!!!

  7. Marc said

    Well spotted. Nice perspective.

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