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Posted by Jackie on January 7, 2009


It was the strange and slightly mad twisty branches of this little tree that caught my eye here, from just up the road from the university library. But of course it’s the traffic cone that really makes it a Glasgow picture 🙂

16 Responses to “Twisted”

  1. Ian said

    Wow. That is very, very cool.

  2. tash said

    The tree is really funky & I like the red from the cone next to it – adds both interest and perspective.
    I’ve really gotten the feel of Glasgow in January from your latest pictures – definitely chilly but so pretty.
    Jackie, I’m sorry I have not acknowledged your kind award until now. I am so very honored to receive it. I also think it’s great the way you follow so many different blogs and with your awards, you’ve introduced me (& other visitors) to “blog” places where we wouldn’t have gone. Thanks very much again, for both.

  3. Great capture! Nice contrast between the twisted branches and the cone!

  4. JT said

    It makes me think, “what?” That’s what makes this photo interesting.

  5. Good one!

  6. Scott said

    Yup, it makes me think about my hair in the morning!

  7. babooshka said

    The is marvellous alone but as you say the cone of course is the Glascow icing on the cake. Well spotted.

  8. Katya said

    Egads! Twisted and tangled. Indeed!!! I really like the angle and, of course, the cone adds interest! It reminds me very much of the tangled messes of wild grapevines found here and there in the woods.

  9. Dianne said

    I think that tree wants to grow up to be a chain link fence!

    funny – orange traffic cones are all over the place here in NJ – never where they should be – I think they run at night

    you managed to make the cone beautiful

  10. Lunarossa said

    Absolutely cool! It take a little while to understand what this is, but then it’s very effective!!! Ciao. Antonella

  11. Great photo and what a great blog!
    Keep the pics coming – well spotted.:-)

  12. looks like medusa – clever photography!

  13. marley said

    Lol! The traffic cone really makes it!:)

  14. Only one word ‘Complex’

  15. Kris said

    That tree is drunk.

    Typical Glasgow…

  16. Gerald said

    Yes I really love this one of the cone entangled in the tree.

    Re your comment about the town hall illuminations – no-one lives across the road from it so the light pollution wouldnt bother them.

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