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Synchronise watches!

Posted by Jackie on January 8, 2009


I’ve shown both of these clocks separately before, they’re from the Tollbooth tower and the Trongate steeple, on Trongate. I like this picture, but it slightly bugs me that the clocks aren’t quite synchronised, with the Tollbooth clock a minute behind!

13 Responses to “Synchronise watches!”

  1. Lunarossa said

    Is this really Glasgow? For some reasons these clock towers remind me of Germany… The colour of the building on the right as well…Are you “flogging” us a different place sponsored by the Glasgow Tourist Bureau to attract more tourists there??? Really like this shot. Good night. A.

  2. Wayne said

    Jackie, great composition, you’re so clever and a stickler for detail into the bargain.

  3. What an angle ! I loved it the way you have taken…

  4. Scott said

    With a minute’s difference you wonder whether their watchkeepers should have caught onto the idea of bringing the two together at the Bells, having seen how we all managed to secure an extra second of time at New Year to bring the atomic clocks into sync with the astronomical day. Playing with time indeed!

  5. tash said

    Really good angle on this shot. I’ve admired the blue clocks but it did not sink in that there were two towers with similar clocks. You can fill your blog with these & other towers, & I’d be content to look at all. 🙂

  6. Maybe both are 30 seconds out!!

    Good catch and good photograph.

  7. Sven said

    I think they did it on purpose, to confuse people with extra much ding-dong every hour. Thanks for your New Year’s greeting, I like your blog a lot!

  8. Marc said

    Maybe some kind of Einsteinesque effect made the two clocks appear non-synchronous. What is time anyway?

  9. Katya said

    perhaps the steeple is a minute AHEAD! hehehe

    What a great picture this is! And now I wonder just how *important* time is to you!!!

  10. Ex West Ender said

    I wonder if the city council got a job lot of blue square clock faces?

  11. Miriam said

    I used to walk past those on my way to work. The lack of synchronisation bugged me too.

  12. mike said

    I have a clock like that in the town next to mine. I love those old style clocks.

  13. KIAT said

    This is a good one.

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